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Rob Sloan


About Me

I've always had a love for Art, especially drawing. At 14, after getting my first tattoo, I decided I wanted to be a Tattoo Artist. I began my career by drawing out pictures for my friends to have tattooed. I got my first set of tattoo machines at 17 and practiced on anyone who would let me, not really having much direction. But, I was sure that tattooing was all I wanted to do and everything else became secondary. Six years later, I transitioned into an tattoo shop and began to grow exponentially. Through making that move, I gained a new focus. Recently, I have begin to explore another amazing avenue of art: Canvas and Murale paintings. Follow my IG to stay updated on my latest work around the country! I push myself daily to better my skill set, provide custom and professional work, and bring limitless creativity to the world of ART.


A special thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, I wouldn't be where I am without your business, shout outs, and recommendations.

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